Student Stories

Read how some of our 2015/2016 Student Spotlight recipients answered the question "How do you think you will use the skills you are learning?"

I will use the skills I am learning by teaching others what I have learned. I will also use them in my daily life when cooking and doing catering jobs. - M. Albert, Culinary Arts Program, November 2015

Already from the things that we have learned in class, from working with children at the camp I worked at this past summer, and from working in the preschool, I have learn many things about children ranging from newborn babies to 14 years of age. I have discovered that my talent lies with younger children after reading in class and working on-on-one with the children. I have been able to apply myself and the situation I encounter with what we have been taught in class and it has helped me to become a better student teacher, aunt and camp counselor. - E. Wentworth-McGonagle, Teacher Education Program, November 2015

I would like to major in marketing and management so I will use these skills to help me get to that point. - C. Emery, Marketing Program, December 2015

There are so many practical skills that we learn in the health science program and I can use them all throughout my life as I continue with my health education and enter into the health care industry. - P. Lautenschlager, Health Science Technology Program, December 2015

I will use the skills I am learning in everyday life. Some courses taught at Kennett are barely used outside of school but my College Accounting class will prepare me for everyday obstacles I will soon face. - D. Nusbaum, Business Program, January 2016

I will use the skills I’m learning now to be able to have a deeper understanding of machine tools in college and in my career. - C. Schoonover, Machine Tool Program, February 2016

Through my four years at Kennett I have gained so much knowledge and understanding by taking the Teacher Education studies program. Even though there is a huge difference between working as an intern at a Preschool and studying to become a future high school English teacher. I still have gained many skills that can help me fulfill my dream as a future educator. - N. Libby, Teacher Education Program, February 2016

In baking, everything has to be exact with precise measurements and things have to be specifically done in the right order or the recipe won’t come out right.  I’m really learning how to perfect my project and making sure everything is put into place, mise en place. This is a really good skill to learn because it is going to help you with any job in life. You want to make sure everything you are doing is right and each step is done correctly. - J. Pappalardo, Culinary Arts, February 2016