Little Eagles Preschool

The Little Eagles Preschool classroom operates as the lab school for the Mount Washington Valley Career and Technical Center’s Teacher Education program. Our purpose is to provide the high school Teacher Education students, who are new to teaching, with a variety of hands-on teaching experiences. It is our vision that through daily interactions with the preschool students each student is able to develop and enhance his or her own professional teaching skills. They are an important part of the lab school and should be excited to be a part of the preschool student’s educational experience! Click here to visit Little Eagle's Facebook Page for the latest news and events.


The mission of the Little Eagles Preschool laboratory classroom is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where we can help to produce skilled and competent teachers who plan and teach developmentally appropriate curriculum, manage classrooms effectively, and differentiate for the needs of individual learners.  The staff at Little Eagles Preschool helps to build these skills by modeling best practices in education and by providing students with relevant and engaging learning and teaching experiences. Over the course of the school year teaching responsibilities are slowly turned over to the Teacher Education students, under the close supervision of the lab school instructor. 


The purpose of our lab classroom is to allow the preschool students a nurturing environment to engage in age appropriate hands on activities/lessons, while also providing quality student teaching experiences for the Teacher Education students.


Guiding Principles

  • The Little Eagles Preschool laboratory classroom exists because of the high school program. We serve preschool students in this context.
  • The Teacher Education curriculum aligns with best practices on a local, regional, and national level. Therefore, the teaching methods and techniques used in the Little Eagles Preschool laboratory classroom align with the methods and techniques being taught in the Teacher Education program. 
  • The Gradual Release of Responsibility model is used in the Little Eagles Preschool laboratory classroom. Over the course of the year, the classroom responsibilities will gradually shift to the student teachers under the guidance of the lead teacher.
  • Teacher Education student teachers are a welcome addition to the laboratory classroom. They are regularly engaging in the preschool with supervision.
  • Teacher Education students learn as much through failure, as they do through success. They must be given the time and space needed to make mistakes. They will learn from these mistakes through structured reflection on their teaching practices.
  • Teacher Education student teachers are still students. Their success is improved by positive relationships with students, staff and parents.
  • Student teachers are just beginning their careers in the field of education and need guidance and modeling to help them understand the professionalism, ethics, and responsibilities required by this career.
  • Children who attend the Little Eagles Preschool laboratory school will have numerous interactions with a variety of Teacher Education students throughout the day.



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Keeping Current

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